Life is only half lived if you abandon your dreams.

Surviving a brain tumor helped adjust my life-view. Instead of waiting for my dream to come true I began working towards their realization. Now that I've found my life's passion in writing I hope to help others pinpoint where their heart and their talents collide. If that passion's writing, I want to help those writers find their voice, improve their skill, and fulfill their dream: to deliver a message from their heart to the world.

Why Titanium Brain?

Winfield H. Strock

Thought provoking fiction entertains the imagination and challenges the mind.

Every cloud has a silver lining. A brush with death opened a whole new world for me.

Titanium Brain     Treasures Found Where a Tumor Once Hid

The most enduring and meaningful speculative fiction offers a new perspective on current issues and events. Only when viewed outside its traditional framework can our philosophies accept a challenge.

That’s me in the middle, driving the submarine.

After finding my life’s passion in writing, I hope to encourage others to do likewise. What’s your dream? What are you doing to make it come true? It took an end to my first career to dream of another. It took a brush with death for me to take it seriously. Passion sees you through your dreams challenges. But in order to turn a hobby into a profession, you may, like me, need a support group to see you through the rougher patches. I joined a writers’ group. Together we improve our work and offer encouragement when our muse gets the blues.

If you're looking for fiction that'll make you think about the world around you, check out my books. If you're looking for someone who's working the peaks and valleys of his writing career with a smile, someone who's happy to help someone else figure out where they're going with a story, contact me. Maybe I can help.

Our Mission