What are the machines trying to hide? Sara’s farm seems more a prison, with answers to her questions just out of reach. Are her nightmares a clue? What about the ship parked on a landing pad on the horizon? Her android companion, her life’s love until now, sends her skin crawling. Deep in her dream mind she senses a forgotten purpose. But she’ll have to elude her captors to lift the veneer off her false paradise.

Will Solomon ‘Hap’ Hanson find his friends before it’s too late, before they break under torture or succumb to the temptations of gold and glory? How will he escape the Dutch East Indies when he finds his fate intertwined with ancient legends and the wrath of the great volcano?

From Caerhpilly to Krakatau, between Cameron’s conspiracies and Tiberius’ henchmen; Hap must avert Earth’s apocalypse at the hand of one madman while protecting fragile civilizations on the brink from another as he fights to halt the Aether Legion.

A lifetime ago, Richard was alone and adrift. It took his own suicide and a battle for his afterlife to turn things around. When he decided to haunt his own home he learned things worked differently in the phantom world and found himself hauled into court, Ghost Court.
To earn his haunt he must prove his life sufficiently tragic. To do that, he and Judge Samuel Clemens revisit the most embarrassing moment of Richard’s brief life, prom night.

Follow Solomon ‘Hap’ Hanson, Civil War veteran and Pittsburgh reporter, as he uncovers a maze of mysteries.
Worlds beyond our own, Earth’s nearest celestial neighbors beckon to be explored. Join in the voyage textbooks can't know happened. Learn why such an epic event goes unwritten until the dangers of our past no longer threaten to destroy our future.

Dark Humor with a Happy Ending

Nightmares and wet dreams; a beguiling phantom visits a young couple, but for what purpose? In their dream home, with their newborn child, Bradford and Lisa struggle to keep love alive in a relationship where passion died. And where passion dies among the living, poisoned passion feeds the dead.

A young inventor and an aging author collaborate on the Aetherphone and accidentally contact a scientist from another world. Read the short story prequel that delves into the accident that earned Earth an invitation to the stars.

Abandoned by his parents, imprisoned by machines, Rex fights to understand why. With an expansive library and tools offered to ease his otherwise maddening solitude, he labors to invent his salvation. In a desperate gamble, he’ll either peer into the past or tear his world apart. Either way, The Perfect Telescope will secure his freedom.

Only when Mikhail Koryavin survives a vampire attack does he put the pieces together. He must recruit brave believers to save their ship. As the crew dwindles and the vampire ranks swell, questions more dangerous arise.
Who accepts an invitation to join the undead?
Who feasts on his brothers-in-arms without remorse?
What will they do with a submarine armed for Armageddon?

Rex faces his final battle for humanity. Will anyone come to his aid? Can he incite rebellion against a mindless paradise? Or will the lemmings of Ninety-First Earth pass judgment on the only person who sees what looms in their future… heartless harmony and blissful extinction?

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After Rex's victory in 'The Perfect Telescope', he begins the daunting task of winning others over to his cause. Amidst his crusade he finds love, grows up, and sheds the final lie of his childhood.

In the end, he finds himself hiding truths as he crusades against machine-kind's facade and falls into the Zealot's Folly.

The Veneer Clause Series

How do you learn to love? Unfamiliar with human interaction, Rex asks himself the same question. How will he compete for Sara’s heart when she already has her perfect companion?
Rex must violate laws and pervert machine-kind’s methods. He’ll embrace his imperfections and offer the human trump card… spontaneity, humor and the awe of true love.

A lustful phantom threatens a young couple and their future.

The Aether Series: Steampunk Adventure

Titanium Brain     Treasures Found Where a Tumor Once Hid

Dangerous questions lead to devastating answers as Rex grows to manhood and wonders about the futuristic world beyond his idyllic family cabin in the woods. What secret justified his isolated childhood and which of his parents’ stories holds true amidst a crumbling façade once held solid by The Veneer Clause?

Trapped in a submarine with a Vampire