Titanium Brain     Treasures Found Where a Tumor Once Hid

Humanity’s first foray in to space… in 1881

When an inventor’s experiment accidentally contacts another world, the adventure begins. With help from their alien benefactor they build an impossible ship, travel to two new worlds, and learn the invitation’s true purpose.

The crew of K-389 cannot face the horrific, unnatural truth. The longer they seek an orthodox explanation, the deeper the crew descends into chaos.
Only when Mikhail Koryavin survives a vampire attack does he put the pieces together. He must recruit brave believers to save their ship. As the crew dwindles and the vampire ranks swell, questions more dangerous arise.
Who accepts an invitation to join the undead?
Who feasts on his brothers-in-arms without remorse?
What will they do with a submarine armed for Armageddon?

This is the entire, six episode, series.


A Real Boy in a Puppet World Civilization’s final invention: the perfect servant. The result: an end to war, crime, and deprivation. The victims of this peace: love, ambition, and innovation. When Rex, a brilliant teen with an inquisitive mind, asks the right questions, the façade around him falls apart. He’ll learn why his parents abandoned him. He’ll find love and fight to revive it. And in a crusade to awaken humanity to its potential, he’ll test his own.

From Caerphilly Wales to Krakatoa

Build a fleet, raise an army, and conquer worlds discovered in the first voyage. The Dummond brothers’ plan only requires one thing from the original crew. They must divulge secrets they’ve sworn to keep. And while the Dummonds will go to any length to extract those secrets, an alien presence threatens global devastation if his technology is divulged.